1. Telecommunications
  2. Film Censorship
  3. Public Relations, Information and Broadcasting
  4. Constituency Empowerment
  5. National Mobilization



    Government Information Service (GIS)

    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit

The Ministry of Information, Science, Telecommunications and Technology is mandated to contribute to the dynamic synergy that feeds directly into the Growth and Social Protection Strategy of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, of which priority policy areas include sustainable economic development, stimulation of the telecommunications sector and public sector reform.

The Ministry brings together programmes in three key areas:

  1. promoting the good image of the Commonwealth of Dominica locally and internationally;
  2. development of an economically viable Telecommunications Sector; and
  3. facilitating the participation of citizens in the political, social and economic development of their constituency.



The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) and the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation fall under the purview of this Ministry.

The Ministry provides a range of services through its three functional areas. The Information function of the Ministry provides timely and reliable information geared at mobilizing support for national development efforts. The Telecommunications function is responsible for improving the physical Telecommunications infrastructure for ICT Development and for maximizing the revenue-generating capabilities of telecommunications services. Constituency Empowerment exists to provide a mechanism for identification and prioritization of constituency needs, and to improve access to government and other agency services by the country's citizenry.

Key Officials


Hon. Kelver Darroux

Reginald Severin

Permanent Secretary
Mr. Reginald Severin

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